DJ.. The moment I hear the word DJ, I’m like it’s party time. Of course when it comes to being a Disc Jockey, it is definitely about being a party freak. If you are the one who enjoy being immersed in music of specially rock type all the time, then DJ can be your way.

It’s just not bout mixing two or more songs, it is much more than that. You have to learn to match your own musical expression with the desires of a given audience. It’s also about being observant, empathic, and reactive. If you feel that music is your life and love re-creating your own rhythms or beats, you are exactly where you should be.

You can be a DJ and make earnings while enjoying your job. What else can a person wish for in a lifetime? You are dancing to a song or just listening it and you feel like no, you want a change in its beat or there can be something better to make it more rocking, then just don’t let go your budding talent. Think about it and you can be the next famous DJ.

But it not always has to be just according to you; to make people really groove over your mixing, they also have to love it. You have to create rhythms that go with their taste too. This generally can be seen at private events, weddings, and small parties. Nightclubs are the places where they can do experiment with turn tables and mixers. So experimenting is good and if you wish to go far in this way, start impressing your friends from now.


Also one must keep this thing in mind that contrary to popular belief, learning to DJ is not an effective route to overnight success. This takes a lot of work and hustle and time.

Types of DJs

1 The Club/Bar DJ (Resident)

This is the DJ that has a recurring gig at the local night club or bar.  Typically, the night club DJ’s job is to keep the dance floor moving, uninterrupted, often by doing long blends (transitions) between songs, or some other trickery to keep people’s feet moving.

2 The Performer/Guest DJ

People go to see this DJ because of who they are, their reputation, and what people think they can do behind the decks. This can include anyone who has built up a following that people will come out to see.

3 The Radio DJ

The radio DJ’s job varies greatly, from the person who announces the weather between songs, to full-on music curation.

4 Techno DJ

Usually at big festivals only these kind of Djs work.

5 The Mobile/Wedding DJ

This kind of DJ often needs to be comfortable with taking requests (and sometimes even entire playlists). This is usually more of the entrepreneur type, and typically where you will have the best chance for success in making a living.

So basically these DJs are on the success level of a person into this field but yes, it would also depend on your wish too. Becoming a successful DJ requires unbeatable passion and consistent efforts that you need to put in. DJ is the only person who not only plays music but also puts in his self-created twists to redefine the whole music.

Why a DJ?

Don’t you think that this is one of the most innovative and on-demand profession these days. If we keep in mid how much our generation love music and how much we and the coming generation is going to be obsessed with parties and gatherings, I guess there seems to be no doubt that we will be needing DJs for sure.


So DJ is by far the coolest profession you can opt for. With there being a huge demand for music filled evenings often accompanied with dancing because we know how actually we are,  a career as a DJ is going to be rewarding. You can simply look out for different contracts to give out performances at the banquet halls, farm-house parties, discotheques and many other such party places.

But then comes the other very important thing that as a professional or any DJ you should keep in mind. You should know how to correct the faults that may arise during the party.  This is important because you may not always have a sound engineer to rely upon to do the job for you.

So let’s have a look the top Indian DJs

DJ Chetas


DJ Chetas is an Indian music producer and Bollywood DJ is known as the No.1 DJ in India and has the most number of fans close to 30lakhs in facebook for an Indian based DJ.  DJ Chetas is ranked World No. 33 on the DJ MAG Top 100 DJs list which is a great achievement for an Indian. He is the only Indian DJ to host a 2-hour show at a prime time on 9XM every Friday and Saturday called House Of Dance.



Nucleya took Indian music to another level with his creative fusion and beats. Unlike the other Indian DJ’s bringing the western beats to our nation, Nucleya focused more on exploring & experimenting with Indian traditional beats and expanding them to international level performing at different nations.

3 Progressive Brothers

Progressive brothers are the Indian version of ” Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike”.


Sunny and Karan better known as ‘Progressive Brothers’ are one of the most promising stars signed on Dj Tiesto’s founded ‘Black Hole Recordings’ where they have released most of their tracks & official remixes & received immense support from India & Abroad.  Progressive Brother’s creativity during their live sets is class apart where they play 150+ tracks in a 2 hour set ! comprising of ‘Big room sound’. Their set features a cocktail of Progressive/Electro House, mixed up with Trap & Hard Style.

4 Zaeden
Sahil Sharma can be called as the “Martin Garrix of India”


Sahil Sharma aka Zaeden joined fellow musicians in the line of globetrotting DJ/Producers to emerge in the burgeoning Indian dance music scene. What set in motion as leisure pursuit with personal experimentation quickly became the main inspiration for this zesty DJ. He even traveled overseas to hone his skills, playing at various clubs over a twelve month period. Since he has played over 350 shows in 2014-2016, including stages at major festivals like Tomorrowland, Marenostrum Festival, Pacha Tour, Sunburn, Enchanted Valley Carnival, Supersonic, Mood Indigo, and clubs like Pacha.

Places where you can learn DJing in India


1 Global DJ Academy
2Spin Gurus
3 DJ Training Academy, Ahmedabad
4 Azaredo Acoustics, Mumbai
5 Panache-The DJ School, Hyderbad.