Well quoted that there is no love sincere than the love for food but no wait, I think travelling is also my love. A problem, no? Why not to experience these two together. This is what our this article’s super-girl has succeeded in doing.

Experiencing the local culture is a huge part of travelling and trying traditional food is largely connected with that cultural experience. This is what Astha Mittal also believes. Not just this, she is more than a food-lover and a travel freak. So let us find more about her..


How her life took so many turns?

Astha has done engineering in electronics from Pune and post graduation in Mass Communication but she knew, she wanted somewhere else from her life.

Astha always had inclination towards arts, though she says that she got bad grades in school for that. But what comes from heart can’t really be graded. She was into different art forms, mostly abstract. This even took her to teaching art to street kids.

Experience with kids

She says, “I used to get bad grades in arts while I was in school. Teachers were strict about drawing particular things in the exact same way as told. Those drawings lacked imagination for me. I believe what is more important in your art is your happiness. To these kids, I wanted to share that. I used to ask kids what they think. You see, with children it is easier because they are more compassionate, more eager and more excited to know new things. If they don’t like anything, they would say on others face. They don’t hesitate to do that. So they get more indulged into real art with me. That is the reason I loved teaching them and I would always want to teach them.”

Her love for painting made her childhood dream become reality

“While painting, I usually focus on topics that are happening around. As a grown up child, I wanted to display the relationship between the women today and that of our social custom driven society. This is what my first Art Show was all about. A dream that was seen, worked upon in silence”, Astha says.


Then there was her another Art show in 2015 called The She & He Art Show which  portrays the various phases and stages in a man-woman relationship and the different kinds of a relationship between the two genders. It includes many small writings and quotes by Astha which are collectively going to appear in her upcoming book.


She is a lot into abstract painting. Her recent one is a series of works based on human emotions.


Not just an artist. As I said, she is really a lot more versatile.

“I like to cook. I have also worked as a Chef Coordinator at Olive Qutub. Still I prefer eating homemade food. It carries the real essence of  our culture. So as I love to travel places too, with the aim to taste that place’s special food, I coined this perfect title called Bhukkad Ghummakad for myself and also for my new venture”, shares Astha.

The idea behind Bhukkad Ghummakad is to revive our old food, our own food. This platform focuses on our regional Indian food, basically vegetarian, which is fading out these days.

Favorite food destination and travel destination

“I have backpacked all over the country. So I know a lot about different regional foods. There are two places that I love the most. First, Merrut and Banaras from my home city, Uttar Pradesh. I love the simple food items from there like lassi or dal. Then I love Rajasthani food as I have been to that place for a really long time. I have done my schooling from there. For travelling purpose, I loved going to Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh the most. I would love to go there again”, the traveller shares.


Any travel tip for the new ones?

Travelling solo is an amazing experience but you have to really cautious too. So here is a tip from Astha Mittal, “Travel as light as you can. You have to be aware and alert all the time. Also as you travel alone, your gut feeling becomes more stronger. Make informed decisions and always have a before-hand knowledge of whatever place you are visiting. You realise that you can’t be any more fearful in your life. This is what I have also learnt and for me, meeting fellow musicians and artists is what adds joy to my travel.”


Any chef that you admire the most?

“Yes, there is a chef, Sabyassachi Gorai. He is also an artist so I can relate with him a lot. I have even worked with him when I was in Olive Qutub”, shares Astha.

How being a Bhukkad Ghummakad has changed you?

“Whatever I was 5 years ago, I really didn’t know personally who I was. This journey of 5-6 years has let me know much more about myself. It has made me more happier. Now I’m not trying to seize anybody or anything. It is just about me. I have leaned to be more rational about how the world works. This journey has made me look the world, the things around me with more eager eyes and I’m really happy about it”, Astha speaks.

Biggest achievement or the happiest moment of your life

“It was definitely that day when my childhood dream to have my own Art Show was fulfilled.  My dad has always loved art too. I had put together all my art works, got the gallery, and my paintings were displayed. That was the best day of my life.”


Any image of yourself in coming 15-20 years?

“I’m really not a futuristic person. I can’t plan more than a week from now. I’m actually more flexible to get any call from the universe that I really believe in. So yeah, that’s how I am. “

Piece of advice for the students


“Always stay curious to explore more in your life. Make your own bad decisions, just don’t let anyone else to make bad or any decision for your life. In the end, you should not regret or cry upon someone else’s decision. It should be yours in first place and you should be solely responsible for it afterwards, so that you won’t regret it. This is what is the most important thing to understand. So don’t get influenced by anyone else’s choices. Make your own choices and you will be happy and successful. “

To reach out to Astha Mittal,

Email ID : mittalastha11@gmail.com