Someone said that “Travel is the best way to be lost and found all at the same time “. True indeed.

Travelling makes you feel complete and calms you from within. When it comes to travelling alone, don’t miss a chance for that. It would turn out to be life changing experience for you.

Here we have an avid traveller all the way from Kasauli, who is a full-time solo traveller.

Doesn’t she sound exciting to you? Let’s listen it from Mrs. Vanita Dogar.

Her early life as a school teacher

Mrs. Dogar went to Chandigarh to do her B.Sc. but in the first year itself she got her life partner. Getting married didn’t mean she would stop studying. She did her B.Ed. and then post graduation in Public Administration. She even started with her MBA but after a semester only, her daughter was born so she quit it.


She had been a school teacher for 14 years of her life for which she says, “I have loved every single day of teaching kids. I am still in contact with most of my students and I even wish all my friends on Facebook. I feel like it is my responsibility now and the best memory as a teacher was that I changed the way they used to wish me. Instead of saying “Good Morning”, I insisted my students to say “Happy Morning” to me. You know, happy is a word spoken with more feelings and a greater effort as compared to the word good. This always puts a smile on their faces.”

A wonderful lifetime experience was awaiting her

After her marriage, Vanita shifted to Kasuali with her husband. There they bought a very small piece of land with a thought of making a house.

She adds, “But then we realized that there were hotels all around so why not to make a commercial use of that land. Though we were not sure because it is really a small piece but we took the step and today what we have is the most happening Roof Top Open Air Bar – Kasauli Regency in Kasauli. Me and my husband started it with a thought to earn money but actually we ended up making more friends. We go there everyday to talk to the people.”


How is it different from other hotels – Why a Boutique Hotel?

“A boutique hotel is different. It is generally small, aiming at giving people more of personal assessment. We go there to hangout with different people, know about their culture and party with them. If I think about the main idea that why I wanted something like this, I would say that it has been because of travelling. I have been going to Goa since 18 years. There partying and interaction with new people has inspired me to increase my circle. So this is a way I implemented it. We created a place where people are the most comfortable to stay”, says Vanita, the owner of Kasauli Regency.

 “Travelling is not just a hobby”

Recalling her Jaipur visit, Vanita says, “I am a full-time solo traveller. I do this because I love meeting new people and making new friends. Once when I was in Jaipur, I wanted to go to Sambhar Lake. The cab was costing me Rs. 2100. You see, it is a way too expensive so what I thought was putting it up on a local notice board and I got 4 people who wanted to join me to Sambhar lake. So this way we shared the cost and each other’s experiences. “


Your favorite destination and why?

“I went to Nepal after the earthquake it experienced in 2015. I was there for a  month and a half working with them, helping them. That was a life changing experience for me. Then if I talk about India, Varanasi is a place I’m very connected to. There you experience life, you feel like you are nothing. There are ghats which carry out burning and other rituals for 24 hours. You can see those ceremonies going on and then you realize that you are born with nothing and you are going to go with nothing. So let us be more humble and kind and be ourselves.” Through this, she shared the most important and inevitable message of our lives.


The most interesting person you have met on your travels

“Last year while I was backpacking in Europe, I had a train to a place called Halley at 7 AM. Before that night I was talking with my friend till 6 in the morning, so I was left with no time to have my breakfast. I tried to take a sandwich before boarding the train but failed in that too. So eventually I had to stay all hungry till I reached my destination. There I immediately ran for a coffee when I met this person who offered me wafers out of no-where. I thanked him but with a confused mind, not actually from my heart. Maybe he sensed my discomfort and just left after handing over the wafers to me. Then I regained my senses to realize that he was just helping me out. There were a lot of refugees at that time, so he must have thought me one of them. He came and went away like an angel. I still remember his face very clearly. I definitely want to meet him some day and really thank him”, Vanita shares.


What is the longest time you have been away from your home?

“Once I have been to Goa for 80 days. So that was the longest but still at that time, my husband, daughter and my other friends used to visit me.”

Your biggest achievement?


Mrs. Dogar says, “Definitely when I was in Nepal. There I saw death so closely. That experience really made me lose my fear of death. Also in 2003, I went with a group of bikers called Chandigarh Adventure Association to the world’s highest pass, Marsimik La. That was a wonderful experience indeed.”

How has travelling changed you and inspired you?

“I believe that the more experiences you have in life, the more friends you make, the more humble you become and love yourself even more. That is the most important thing. Travelling has let me meet so many new people with different emotions. At times with opposites and at times with the likely minded ones, you make bonds that last forever”, explains Vanita.

The top travel tip you would like to give to our readers

She shares, “You should always carry something for self-defense, that would make you more confident all the time. Avoid travelling at midnight or after that. While travelling in cab, always engage the driver in your talks. Ask about him or about the destination. Keep his mind occupied in such questions where he has to answer you all the time. This would prevent him to think in any negative way. “


What has surprised you about yourself so far?

“I have discovered that I can solve problems quite easily without getting tensed. The more calm I am, the more quickly I can solve them.”

Where do you see yourself in coming 10-15 years?

“Oh.. I never really gave a thought to that. Maximum that I plan is for my next trip which is actually this coming Sunday to North-East Indian states. I live in present and I believe in now.”

Any message for the youth

vanita 2

“If you really want to achieve something, don’t add any negative thoughts to it; like no or never. Just think about it and struggle for it. Other things would fall in place automatically”, she concludes.

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