Rightly said that a true artist is not who is inspired but the one who inspires others. Through his/her art, he/she washes away from one’s soul the dust of everyday life.

Such inspirational is the job of an artist who is doing it with full grace and dedication; meet the co-founder of Rockstartists, Akshita Sharma.

Despite every challenge she has faced, she emerged out to show the world, the best in her and she believes that this would not have been possible without her partner, Raman Chauhan.

Akshita with Raman

Her early life

Since childhood, Akshita has dreamt of being an artist. She loved art from the very beginning and after her school, she filled the form for Bachelor in Fine Arts. She says, “I am presently in Jamia Millia Islamia College in the final year. I and Raman started this group, Rockstartists 4 years ago. We were struggling in the beginning and the results were not that fruitful. As the months passed by and now after these many years, we are growing together and getting a lot of recognition.”

What was your first project?

Akshita tells, “Our first project was with New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). We had to paint a whole building in Shankar Market. The scorching heat made it a bit difficult to work but we did it well. We also did a graffiti ​in Saket which has now become a very famous background for selfies.”

Building in shankar market
Graffiti in Saket

The biggest challenge you have faced in graffiti work till now?

Challenges are a part of every  profession. Akshita explains, “Last week, we were doing a project of NDMC along with a team of 25 other artists. We were painting a huge wall along side Rajpath which was covered with waves of metallic sheet. That made painting woke even more difficult. We completed that graffiti in just a time span of 4 days which was a very challenging task for us. Artists were divided into different shifts and each one worked for around 3-4 hours a day. Eventually our hard work paid off quite well and we received a lot of media coverage and applause from everyone.”


Most important thing you have learnt from your work

“Art as my career has made me very bold and open in front of everybody. Honestly, I was very shy before Rockstartists happened. Being an artist, it becomes important to be presentable. Everyone who sees your work is not an artist and not all your works are explainable in one look. So through art I have successfully conquered my fear of being shy in front of crowd. Also Raman is very good in presentation. So I have learnt the presentation from him as well” , speaks Akshita.


Your next project for you are working now

“21st June is celebrated as the International Yoga Day. On that day, the place where Prime Minister along with other ministers will do yoga in front of the nation, we have to do a live painting. That is our next project for which we are working since a long time. It is going to be organised in Central Park, Connaught Place where we have to make a 8 X 10 feet canvas of yoga. So we are looking forward to it”,shares Akshita.

They have proposals from Goa and Hyderabad too but they first want us for our National Capital.


Your achievements

She has a number of achievements to share. She is indeed doing marvelous in her field.

So let’s listen from Akshita herself, “I received the Prime Minister Award on 30 December 2016 by Shri Narendra Modi himself. That award a competition between various professionals across the nation to make poster for digitization that was launched by Prime Minister last year. Honestly speaking when I received the call for this award, I could not believe my ears for what I was hearing. I had to called them twice for confirming that. Prior to that in November 2016, I was awarded Railway Ministry Award. With that award, my paintings got published in 2017 calendar of Indian Railways. I also got Student Of The Year title from Times of India last year and Philatelic award for best stamp designing.”


Three words to describe my working style – Passion, Compatibility and Will

She explains, “Today it is just not Rockstartists that is doing graffiti and other paintings but what makes us different from others is our true will to do our every artwork with same dedication and passion. We never do any task in order to meet our deadlines. We love our work and we also give special credits to our artists who join us and work with me and Raman as a team. That is the reason why now more and more younger artists want to join us.”


My favorite hobbies – designing and photography

Akshita loves to design greeting cards and do wedding shoots. These hobbies make her happy and not something she does for money making. Infact, for many of her family weddings she has designed wedding cards as well and done pre-wedding photo-shoots. She even thinks of carrying it on as a freelancer in future.

Painting that is closest to my heart

Akshita tells, “We do two type of work – commercial and social. Once in Noida, we did a social artwork for an organisation called Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The SPCA animal hospital cum shelter caters to the needs of abandoned/sick/injured/old, stray/ownerless and owned animals in and around Noida. So usually when we do wall painting, what happens is people or kids stand behind us and watch us paint. But this time our audience were these dogs, cats and horses. I could not forget the time when they were staring us painting and at times, run away with our brushes. Then we had to chase them. As I’m a big dog-lover and I like other animals too, that experience is closest to my heart.”


Your dream as an artist

“We want to paint entire Delhi. We believe that first we have to make our home city clean then only we can think of going out somewhere and painting there. We all say that our capital is shabby and dirty at present. This is not something astonishing. Just cleaning the VVIP areas and Connaught Place doesn’t make whole of Delhi clean. I believe more and more opportunity should be given to talented artists which can really turn the poor face of Delhi into something really artistic.”

Message for our readers


“I just want to say that you should always choose what you really love doing, what your heart wants and what you would love to do for the rest of your life. One should never come into their parent’s pressure or peer pressure. Decide something for yourself, fight for it now but believe me, you would enrich your decision for life long. Your parents would stay angry for some years but in future, after seeing you prosper, they will also be happy for you. Don’t do anything for which you have to regret in future. My partner, Raman did Aeronautical Engineering but he left his job to be an artist. To excel in any field, the most important thing is to enjoy it. It goes with studying too. So in a nutshell, if you are not enjoying what you are doing, then you need to rethink” ,Akshita concludes.

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