You have a beautiful and strong voice to attract people so as to listen to you? Love sharing your thoughts and experiences with people and love listening to them too? So there seems to be a job where you can effectively use your this talent to make living out of it. People with their influential voice can not only try their hand at singing but also make a difference through interaction.

If you have the passion for communication and the confident spunk then radio jockey is a career that would best suit you. These days a RJ not only plays a part of the navigator on a radio channel but aims at entertaining the listeners and simultaneously providing regular online information. Every successful RJ has its own style of communicating.


Skills required

A good voice and a strong command over language is always a good thing when you’re looking forward to be in this field. But much more important than that is to be spontaneous, spunky and have a pleasing, friendly personality.

To become a good radio jockey, research is the key, like in every other field. You need to listen to good radio jockeys so that you can understand their style and later, with practice, develop your own. You need to understand what the masses need and give them just that.

Any qualifications?

There is no specific academic path to become an RJ but graduation is mandatory. However you can opt for a diploma or a post graduation degree in mass communication. Also, several courses are available which can help you pick up the skills and get better understanding of the profession and its technicalities.

Qualifications may be useful but skills and passion count for more in this profession.

Some famous names

1. RJ Navedrj-naved

Delhi’s favourite prankster, RJ Naved has a huge fan following all across the country as evidenced by his more than a million followers on Facebook. He works in Radio Mirchi 98.3  (Mirchi Murga ).

2. RJ Anuraag Pandey

Providing interesting tid-bits about famous Bollywood movies and interviewing celebrities has made RJ Anuraag Pandey a radio superstar. He works in Fever 104 FM as Picture Pandey.

3. RJ Sarthak446940681

This boy works in 94.3 My FM radio station . He does Radio dikhta hai . Claiming to be Punjab’s number one radio station, 94.3 FM’s RJ Sarthak often gets chatty with his guests in Punjabi which strikes a chord with the locals.

4. RJ Raunac
He works for Superhits Red FM 93.5. Thanks to his brilliant impression of an irritating kid, RJ Raunac was named the RJ of the year in 2014. What does he do: Main Baua bol raha hoon.

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Radio Jockey Job Prospects

If you possess the required skills and experience, you will have a number of job opportunities where you can show off your skills. There are a number of private players like Radio Mirchi, Red FM and others, who are always on the lookout for fresh talent.

Another radio station you could work for is the public enterprise AIR (All India Radio).

If you are good at your work, you also have the opportunity to venture into the visual sphere, with many successful RJs making the jump into television.

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