Albert Einstein once said that a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. This is what the mantra in the entrepreneur world is. Making a shot is more important than just thinking about it.

The critical ingredient is getting off and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are a few who decide to do something about them in the present moment. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.

The co-founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs also once said “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

So today we bring forth the story of one such rising entrepreneur from a small town of Himachal Pradesh “Solan”. He started his own brand called Beast Craft. Let’s hear more from him.


Tell us something about your early life? What were the things that attracted you the most?

Rohit Anand, the rising entrepreneur says, “From my childhood till the time I went to college I lived with my family in a small town near Shimla. We had no reach to famous brands in our town when I was young. We often went to Chandigarh or Delhi for shopping or for holidays and I was always fascinated about brands, how they are created, how they manage to run so many outlets and everything from their advertising to their packaging. I used to buy stuffs of Adidas, Nike, Levis etc. and never used to throw the tags away cause I loved those brands too much. I used to research about their logos, color schemes and everything related to them.” 

Your Educational Qualifications

Rohit adds, “It was obvious for me to take up commerce so I could study more about how human and commodities work together and why people choose something over other even though prices are higher just because of the brand name. Hence I pursued commerce and did my Bachelor’s in Business Administration (B.B.A) from D.A.V College, Chandigarh.”

“The Post Graduation experience in U.K. opened my mind”

For his Post Graduation, Rohit went to University of Exeter in U.K as it was among top 10 universities for commerce in U.K at that time and he did his Masters in International Management and Marketing.

Rohit explains about his experience, “As soon as I got off the bus into the university campus, I was really shocked. It seemed like every boy and girl just got off a stage of a rock concert. Their fashion style was way ahead than ours.”

DSCF5516 Our Team(Marianna, Rohit, Cyrille, Lloyd, Me, Yu-Ling)

How different was studying in U.K. as compared to that in India?

We all know that the pattern of education is quite different abroad as compared to our nation. So let’s listen it from Rohit himself, “I am really a fan of Indian way of teaching and methodologies they adopt and that’s the reason we have the brightest of students and professionals in every filed. But when you talk about studying abroad, students are free to pick up their field of research. Students are motivated with how they can actually apply what they study to the real world. We were given assignments of practical work. I did research on Marlboro, Camel, Flybee, Hagen Daz, and finally on ZARA & GAP. We had sessions with CEO of Rigleys and global marketing Guru Philips Kotler. There students are provided with every tool to get into different stores or companies in order to talk to their managers or heads. This gives an edge over any other type of education. I also got to have an experience of going to Bornville, a village where the famous Cadbury Company was started. It is near Birmingham in England. I also went to Zara’s store and head office to understand their supply chain management for which the college gave us the entire authentication to do our research work. So from all this, I really learnt a lot.”

All in all Rohit finds himself lucky enough to get a great blend of both types of educational methods which were essential for him in creating his own brand.


Why into Daddy’s business?

After coming back to India, Rohit did music for a year in Delhi. “I was a self-proclaimed guitarist” ,he adds. But then life took a turn. Rohit adds, “While in Delhi I fell in love. We wanted to get married and everybody wanted me to be a sober and working boy now. So I went back and joined my family business of construction of commercial and manufacturing facilities for bigger MNCs. One day Hidesign took one of our manufacturing facility on rent and since then I fell in love with hand crafted artisan leather goods. I also did construction of 2-3 hotels and did interiors by myself.”

Designing and starting my own brand were the things I was looking forward to..

This feeling of doing something in fashion industry and especially in handcrafted durable leather goods kept Rohit awake at nights and he decided one day to shift to Delhi and start his own brand which manufactures handcrafted leather goods of international quality & designs.


Rohit adds further, “My parents were really supportive in that decision making time. Me and my wife Nitika are co-founders in this start up and equally divide responsibilities. And it is amazing to work with your better half. The kind of understanding your partner can give is just unbelievable. We opened up a retail store in Hauz Khas Village and now we feel that our products are admired and loved by everybody. With interior background we did great interiors in our store, worked on great designs and now see audience from all nationalities who come down to our store to buy our crafts. We got queries to keep our products in Hawai, Queensland, Utah etc. and we are still building our retail model.”

How did you come up with this term, Beast Craft?


“When I see people now days and specially the youngsters, how motivated they are; they work hard, party hard, travel, learn new things, they have goals and know how to achieve them. They are doers, they never take a no for an answer, they can defeat any hurdle and bounce back much with more strength. They appreciate hand crafted products and know how these products will benefit many poor families feed their kids. They are the real Beasts. My products are tribute to such people. We make craft which can facilitate these powerful beasts to achieve whatever they want to” ,explains Rohit.

How different and challenging has been this work as compared to a corporate job?


“I actually enjoy my work a lot. I work for 11-14 hours a day, starting in the morning at 8 AM and coming back home at 9-10 PM. It is not really challenging but fascinating; it involves a lot of creative as well as managerial decisions. My wife Nitika and I are always working on designs, she takes care of the accounts and is very good at customer dealing and interaction. She works at a day job and is at the store as soon as she is through. She manages to take care of our daughter, home, her job and this start up and that too effortlessly. I’m not at all bossy rather I do almost everything in the company. I go out for purchasing work, I’m an employee and a guide there. What I believe is that I would work 100 hours a week for what I love rather than working 40-50 hours for something I don’t really enjoy”,says Rohit about his working style.

The most surprisingly weird thing that has happened to you?

“Everybody initially said that you are not a designer and people are really not going to like your products. But I designed what I liked, I had known taste and preferences of European youth as I had been connected with them closely while I was in UK. But the real shock was when people actually came into the store and loved our products. We saw a really strong fan following. We got comments like ‘such store should be located in London or New York’ and some people took our cards and asked us to ship products to their country, both in retail and bulk. This response was over whelming and came as a sweet shock. Now when people come up to appreciate the interiors, click pictures there, it feels astounding. Even a designer from U.S.A. came at my store. At that time, she was taking interview of the most happening designers in India and she even ended up taking mine. It was really shocking for me. Definitely I was happy but surprised to a lot more extent” ,Rohit shares.


Rohit adds, “Now we do have Niftian Designers and best of the team from really big export houses and brands working with us for production.”

Any future plans for your brand?

“We are focusing in both India and abroad. We will be opening more retail stores but presently we are focusing on exhibiting our brand in U.K. I have been there a lot. We are in contact with people into fashion exhibitions where a lot of buyers, as in retailers who have got their stores in London would come to see our work. We have been shortlisted to display in their renowned events so we are working for that exhibition only, preparing catalogues and finishing designs so that we can pull it off by February 2018. We are also looking forward to launch our own website in July and more retail stores soon” ,shares Rohit.


Message for youth

“Firstly you have to be passionate like crazy and love what you are willing to start. The second thing is whenever you feel low or feel like nothing is happening; that is the time something big is going to happen. Things happen but you have to be there just a little longer and have to work just a little harder. This is the only difference between many brands which are still in market and which vanished” ,concludes Rohit Anand.

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