We have already talked about being a fashion designer and this amazing career option it is for our fashion lovers. The other aspect of fashion designing is accessory designing. Accessory designing is a branch of Fashion designing which has emerged as a popular career choice in India.

Initially it was considered a career option only for girls but today many male students are applying for this course. Accessories are said to be popular among women but men are not lagging far behind as they use sunglasses, wallets, shoes and more. In the fashion industry, accessory design refers to the act of designing and creating these accessories. Some designers will stick with classic timeless designs, such as black leather handbags, while others may create wilder, trendier accessories. The type of accessory you design solely depends on your interest.

Due to its versatility, accessory designing is here to stay.  Most accessories designer professionals start their careers at home. This makes accessory designing a very attractive field for young aspirants. Accessory designing is a great course for the creative ones, who can visualise their imagination and express it in their creations. As clothes make fashion statement, so do accessories. Without proper colour coordinated accessories , an outfit can not be completed.

Essentials fashion woman objects on wooden background

With the advent of globalisation and the rise of middle class, the Indian society has gradually become fashion conscious. Accessories are an important part of fashion and includes anything from head gears to watches and bags to shoes. Although, a fresh graduate has to work hard to earn a reputation in the industry, once you become famous, there is no limit to your fame and remuneration.

Skills required

  • Creativity
  • Good observation
  • Meticulous and precise approach
  • Precision
  • ability to produce low-budget designs without compromising quality
  • Eye for detail
  • Fashion awareness
  • Ability to visualise and project designs on paper
  • broad knowledge about the changing accessory trends
  • a good understanding on the manufacturing and production industry

Some famous names in this field

The credit behind this overwhelming acceptance to this career can be credited to famous designers like:

1. Sonali Dalwani 


The fashion arena is sprinkled with hundreds of designers and yet the footwear segment, a dominant one in today’s scenario, is synonymous with one well-known name: shoe designer Sonali Dalwani. Having established her accessory design label Crimzon in 2003, she is a household name with the smart set.
Shoes, bags, costume jewellery and belts all carefully crafted from the finest silks, natural fibers and faux leather, bear a testament to her signature style. Sonali’s presence in the fashion industry dates back to 1989 when she joined embroidery, garment and accessory manufacturers designing and executing business on their behalf. Thereafter she teamed up with international brands and design houses in Europe and USA like Karl Lagerfeld, Ponz Quintana, Channel, Mary McFadden, Valentino, Charles Jordan and Ungaro.

2. Eina Ahluwalia


Eina Ahluwalia, India’s first Conceptual Jewellery Artist, creates jewellery from her soul. Her jewellery is her way of communicating with the world; it is her response to life. The craftsmen have the opportunity to earn their livelihood with dignity, and passionately make one exquisite piece after another. Her signature style is intricate and exquisitely detailed, the delicate hand-made fretwork (jali) which is a disappearing skill, with just a handful of craftsmen remaining. She has worked with them since 2003 and honed their skills to the level of perfection that the pieces are often mistaken as laser or machine cut.

3. Suhani Pittie

Suhani Pittie (born 14 April 1981) is an Indian jewellery designer based in Hyderabad, India. A graduate of Gemological Institute of America, USA, she launched her own jewellery label in 2004. The World Gold Council has enlisted Suhani as one of the top 10 most inventive and ingenious jewellery designers in the world.

4. Aditya Abhyankar and Joydeep Singh


The brainchild of Aditya Abhyankar and Joydeep Singh, Twenty Seven is a brand that hopes to produce fresh and new designs to its customers. They have made their niche in the market and there is not a single type of bag you won’t find here be it backpacks, duffle, tote, or even a travel kit. One of their latest and most innovative creations is the beer pack. Yes, all you beer lovers, your dream has come true. Designed to carry 6 cans of 500 ml with a thermal insulation that will ensure the cans stay cold for at least 3-4 hours, their beer packs is a much have for road trips and picnics!

Courses/Programs available for accessory designing

As for the accessories designer programs available, here are your options:

  • Certificate Programs: This course program is ideal for accessory designer aspirants who want to learn about the basics of accessory designing.
  • Degree Programs: Associate and Bachelor Accessories Designer degrees fall under this category. Those who want to undergo extensive accessories designer training should opt for either a 2-year or 4-year course program.
  • Advanced Studies: Those who have successfully satisfied the 4-year degree program should elevate their educational value by pursuing an advanced studies program.


Colleges/Institues for accessory designing

  1. National institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)  (in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru,etc..)

For NIFT, there is an entrance exam with 2 levels :

  • GENERAL ABILITY TEST (GAT) for Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) and Master of Design (M.Des.) : Sections in the test are Quantitative Ability, Communication Ability, English Comprehension, Analytical Ability, General Knowledge and Current Affairs
  • CREATIVE ABILITY TEST (CAT): This test measures the intuitive ability, power of observation in concept development and design ability, creative and innovative use of colour and illustration skills.

2.  Pearl Academy (Branches all over India)