Being fit has never been so popular, or as necessary as it is today. With millions of people eager to lose weight and get in shape, fitness training is one of the fastest growing careers in the health and fitness industry today. It’s demand is really increasing as the people are realizing how important it is to be physically fit.

A fitness trainer leads people in exercise and related activities. He or she works with individuals or groups, providing both instruction and motivation. They must also have the patience and ability to work with different people and be able to explain things to them clearly.

Fitness trainers work in either gyms or come especially to their clients homes and provide motivation for people to remain on their fitness regime and not deter. There are many different types of fitness trainers; freelancers, personal trainers, or those trainers who work in a gym, hotel or club for a salary.

To become a fitness trainer one of the most important skills for you to possess is knowledge of different lifestyles, different types of diet, and the working of the human body. A fitness trainer must have the motivation to keep healthy and fit and encourage others to do the same.

Skills required

Other than being fit, you should also have some soft skills to succeed in this field. Skills like customer service skills to understand your clients’ needs and satisfy them, instructing skills for making sure your customers know how to exercise and use equipment correctly, ability to motivate others and to make exercising enjoyable, verbal and listening skills to get tuned with their mindsets so as to understand them properly.

First be fit yourself

To be a fitness trainer, you must first be physically fit. You must serve as a role model for your clients. You can either have a diploma in fitness training or graduation in that. Further it depends from person-to-person, how much qualification they demand. You may only be required to have a high school diploma to work as a fitness trainer but many employers prefer to hire college graduates who have majored in a fitness or health-related field.
This is especially true if you want to become a personal trainer who will work one-on-one with clients. Many employers require CPR, first aid and AED certification or, at least, training.
One can pursue Physical education followed by some important certification like ACES, Reebok, ACSM, and Progressive Fitness.

Colleges/ Institutes offering fitness training course in India

List of Training Institutions In India:

1. HVPM, Amravati – (Affiliated To Amravati University)
2. Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical education & Sports Sciences(IGIPESS) (Affiliated to University of Delhi)

3. Lakshmibai national College of Physical Education, Kerala

4. SAI, Netaji Subhas National Institute Of Sports , Patiala

5. SAI, NS Eastern Centre, Salt Lake City, West Bengal

6. SAI, NS South Centre, University Campus, Karnataka

What Perks come along with this career?

The work of a fitness trainer is very satisfying because they get to see and help a client complete a goal of theirs. Moreover, there is no monotony or boredom on the job because the trainer is constantly doing something. Along with this, the work environment is also very comfortable.

There is also an opportunity to meet with and interact with many different people, which is a huge plus point for many personal trainers. For those people who like to work out and remain fit, this is the perfect job because fitness trainers are required to maintain themselves for their job.