There is no greater joy or any greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life and a teacher in every way makes an impact on a child’s life. The best you can do for anyone is to not just share your riches but to help them make their own. Making them realize what good things they can do and not always spoon-feeding them is the best help one can offer.

Today we have one such person who believes that education is the best gift we can share with others. Everyone has a purpose in life, a special talent to show and if we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.

This what Mr. Devesh Mittal, the founder NGO, Sapne believes in. Let us hear more from him.


Tell us something about your schooling and after education

Mr. Devesh tells, “From childhood I wanted to go for air force but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to pursue commerce. During that preparation time, I started doing social work nearby my house in Rohini, Delhi. Those places are not registered ones but I just wanted to help so I started working there. I just believed that educating them is more important than feeding them. Then I went to Hansraj College, Delhi University to do my graduation but side-by-side I was also preparing for CA. It was getting very difficulty for me to manage both regular college and coaching together so I transferred into School Of Learning (SOL).”


So what other things you were doing along your graduation?

“So basically to pursue CA,  you have to give CPT exam. After clearing that exam, I started supported many big non-government organisations. I also did Diploma in Accounting. During college’s first year, I was also involved in event management. I got a lot of proposals from event organisations and lounges. I started being a part of events for NGO. At that time, I earned a lot of experience”,shares Mr. Mittal.

What took you to start your own NGO?

“While I was working for NGO, I realized that some big organisations were not really doing social work in the right way. One such incident happened where I saw that they were actually not helping underprivileged kids. So I left working for them and that was when I started my own NGO, Sapne”, he shares.


So how you initiated the work in Sapne?

Mr. Devesh tells, “Initially I took some slum areas in Rohini and started educating kids there. I taught 2-3 kids (above 15 years of age) who were working in dhaba and tea stalls, graphic designing.  They used to look into my brother’s cyber cafe shop and were very fascinated with computers. So one day I asked them they want to learn how to use computers and taught them graphic designing too. It took me around 6 months to teach them all that. Now they are even working in a printing market and earning good amount of money. They have even removed their temporary settlements and took one room in colonies. So they themselves don’t  want to live in such temporary homes, they also want to live a better life. I have realized our society is also wrong for not providing them with equal opportunities.”


So has teaching always been your field of interest?

He shares, “Yes, I had started teaching students since I was in 10th. That was how I used to practically apply whatever I was learning. During graduation, I used to go for coaching in morning, teaching students in afternoons and going doing night shift jobs.  I have gained experience  in almost every field –  finances, travelling, event management, business developer.” Mr. Devesh has also started his own coaching center called ‘Dev Tutorials’.  It is basically an online platform for students to enroll. Even if they want tutors or home tuition, this platform provides them with teaching staff ranging from school students,  graduates,  MBA students and many more.

Tell us more about your NGO and your future plans?

“I see Sapne as a complete chain platform. I believe that education  is the best tool we can provide to anyone to sustain properly.  We all do social work, some of us provide clothes or toys or food occasionally  to the under-privileged ones. But till what time all this kind and even cash would help them? The better option is to educate them which will be the permanent  source of all these necessities and luxuries to them. This would have a bigger impact in improving their conditions and of our nation as well. This education can also be in form of any skill they have interest in. So we are also planning  to start a skill development center in Delhi. We are also looking forward to women empowerment by teaching them skills like handicrafts. We have tie ups with many star tips and schools where these people can work and learn simultaneously. So this is how we are planning  to build a complete  circle of radiating knowledge so that they can sustain on their own and can later pass on this gift to someone needy”, tells Mr. Devesh.


He even left your corporate job in order to work for Sapne

“Yes, I was working as Account Analyst in Mckesson, a leading GPO in U.S. I had already started Sapne but due to this job, I was not able to give it proper time. So I left my job to work full-time for my NGO. Now we have a lot of projects coming.”

What is the biggest challenge you have faced till now?

Mr. Devesh shares, “Challenges are always going to be there through whole life. Right now too I have difficulties but overcoming these hurdles and achieving what you want is the best part of life. Initially when I wanted to open a skill development center, there was lack of resources but now we are more stable and we are again working to establish one in coming months. So challenges go parallel with your work.” On asking about what he is most happy about today, he said, “The best thing presently is that I have a good team with me, my whole family is supporting me and my biggest achievement would be to set up my skill development center.”


Finally any message for our readers

“What I have learnt is what I would love to share. Maybe in your early stages of doing something of your own, no one will support you but when you will be successful, people would follow you. So don’t quit. Don’t even care what people say at your back or think about you. Just go beyond the bars to achieve what you dream. I usually compare a phase in my life as being an aeroplane who flies against air friction to finally reach the sky. So that is where you belong”, concludes Mr. Mittal.

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