He never dreamt of success, he always worked for it. Today we bring forth an entrepreneur from Bihar who truly believes that hard work is the key to success and nothing can replace that hard work from your life.

We interacted we Mr. Suman Jha who is presently working on his new venture with a vision, “Address For Everyone”. So let us walk through his journey to know more.

Mr. Jha’s early life and educational qualifications 

Mr. Suman is from a village in Bihar. He did his schooling from that village only. He was very hard-working from the beginning. For his further studies, he went to Chennai to pursue Mechanical Engineering. The first year in college was full of studying and struggling to match up to an entirely different environment. Being from a Hindi-medium school, it took him some time to pull himself up and adjust to that place.

Was engineering your dream when you were in school?

“Actually no. In a place like ours, there were not many options to try dancing, music or art. There were just 3 careers we were introduced to –  Civil Services, Teaching and Engineering.  So I opted for engineering because I was quite fascinated by radio and television during my childhood.”

“After the first year in college, life took a turn.”


“During the first year of my college, I just studied. That time was quite interesting too in terms of facing all those challenges that came my way. I didn’t even go home in that semester break in order to study but after the end of second  semester, I realized the fact that only studying would not help me in the long run. I started pushing my boundaries to explore new things, started attending different events, going to different colleges and getting involved into more of practical things. In the 3rd semester, I attended a meeting of National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) which changed my life forever. It was a platform for entrepreneurs to do something  of their own. That was when I started my first venture, Navi Samagri” ,shares Suman.

Tell us about Navi Samagri, its aim and your journey through it.

Mr. Suman explains, “I started my entrepreneur career with my first startup ‘Navi Samagri’ in 3rd year. As I was doing Mechanical Engineering, I knew what problems people were facing. Our vision at Navi Samagri was to build products with high innovation and bring significant change in the consumer perception. We created natural cooling pad for laptops, high efficient solar panel and smart construction material. That venture lasted for one and half-year for which we even won many prizes. I dropped out from college in the same year itself.”

So after Navi Samagri, what ventures you started working on?

“What I believe is that once you are an entrepreneur, you are entrepreneur for lifetime. So at that time the buzz for e-commerce had just started. I thought of an idea of connecting local retailers to their local customers. I started my next venture with this idea but as the time passed, I realized that e-commerce requires a tremendous amount of investment which I was unable to get. So in 6 months itself, my venture was shut down. I was really disheartened because I had put a lot of effort on that idea. Those were some hardest days of my life”, shares Suman.


After that Mr. Suman got the offer of being the co-founder of Maptags. Maptags is a Smart Address revolution which converts long, ugly and hard to remember addresses into a simple and never forgetting URL. This also provides an option for users to connect their address with their social media, contact number, availability timing etc. which not only help address owner, It also help various e-commerce websites to connect them on the right time but Mr. Suman left Maptags few months back only. He adds, “While working for Maptags, making addresses is a big problem when many people from varied fields started coming to us with their personal queries. We started realizing its drawbacks.”

His own venture – giving up is not an option

Mr. Jha shares. “We are collecting vast amount of geographic data, simulating that into 3-D form which allow enterprise, government and corporate to take decisions. Why we are aiming to do this because only 30% of world population is available on digital map.”

He has also been volunteering for Chennai Tricolor Initiative Trust which is a non-profit, volunteer organization formed by the Youth of Chennai.

How was your parents’ reaction when you dropped out from college to start your entrepreneur career?

“Definitely they were scared and worried like any other parent. From the school days, they always wanted me to score good. He wanted me to do a job because it ensures a secure and settled future but when they saw me getting awards for my work, they realized that I can do good in this field. I was awarded with ‘Campus Entrepreneur Award’ and ‘Innovator Award by NEN’.  After that they stopped questioning me or bothering about me. My brother has also been supportive”, tells Mr. Jha.

Any other hobbies you invest your free time in?

“I liked playing cricket while I was in school. Then in college I tried dancing but wasn’t successful with that. I read a lot. Mostly in my free time, I read books only. Listening songs and travelling takea small fraction of my free time.”

Any person you have met so far who has influenced you in any way?

“There are rather people. The first person I admire is Elon Must. His companies are Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, Open AI etc. I really respect him a lot. His story is very inspiring”, Mr. Suman shares.

One important lesson you have learnt till now

“I have learnt that entrepreneurship is all about networking. You can do anything you wish to do, provided that you put the proper amount of hard work required for it. Nothing can stop you then. Also there exists no shortcuts to success so put your heart and soul in your work to accomplish it”, tells Mr. Suman.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement till now?

“Definitely when I was awarded with the ‘Innovator Award’ in front of 55 colleges, it really touched my heart, I was extremely happy that day. Everyone was saying that you are not going to get this award but I got it, so it was my happiest moment.”


Finally any message for our readers..

“I would just say that believe in yourself in terms of doing new things. Read as many books as you can. Do whatever you can for your career because after a period of time, you would be loaded with other responsibilities too. So give a try to whatever you really like. The age between 20-30 is the golden time to try new things and to take maximum risk”, concludes Mr. Suman.

To know more about Mr. Suman Jha,

His own blog : https://thesumanjha.com/aboutme/

LinkedIn profile link : https://www.linkedin.com/in/thesumanjha/