A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm. This is what we at Clazzez also encourage our readers to follow. Always remember that if you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes. Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

This is what Mr. Sumandeep Banerjee has always kept in mind. From his childhood, Sumandeep was into technical stuffs. He never left what he admired and loved doing the most. Let us hear more about his life.

How different was your school life?

Growing up in Ghaziabad, Sumandeep didn’t have interest in going to school during his secondary schooling days (from 7th to 10th standard). It resulted in his adversely low attendance, for which he was not at all worried. His teachers used to be a lot bothered about him and his studies but he never was. In some way or the other, he was doing what he loved to do.

Sumandeep adds, “My father had a busy career. He used to work on Sundays too. At times, he used to take me to his workplace, where I was a lot fascinated by technical works. From the age of about 10 or 11 years only, I started working on computers, learning programming languages and other computer-related things. This was how I used to spend my holidays designing  circuits or writing programs. There was one of my neighbors who was also an engineer. He has also inspired me a lot. “


So was going into IIT your dream since school days?

“No, I didn’t even know its name while I was completing my 10th. One more important and different thing with me was that my parents never suggested me to go for engineering or medical just because these provide a secure future. In fact my father was never bothered about my marks or about me. Since childhood, he just wanted me to learn things, never to mug them up. This really had a very positive effect on me while I was growing. Yes, I was a lot involved in technical things since I was a kid but in general I had no awareness about IIT”, tells Sumandeep about his journey.

How did you end up doing engineering? How was your journey to IIT Kharagpur?

Sumandeep says, “After completing my 10th, one of my teachers suggested me to go and meet Yadav sir, physics teacher in Ghaziabad. I went to take his advice and he asked me to give admission tests for ‘Vidya Mandir Coaching’ to crack engineering entrance exams. So after that, the next 2 years were very hectic as they involved a lot of traveling to the far off coaching center. My other habits kind of took a backseat but did not disappear all together. After the entrance exam in December, I finally got time to relax a bit. Though during the whole journey, I was never under too much pressure like many aspirants these days.”

How was the experience in IIT?

“During my engineering, I didn’t use to go out for vacations or enjoy as such. I started giving more time to my hobbies. After the very first semester only, I indulged into internships which were all based on technical domain. As I loved doing that kind of work, that was the only way I wanted to utilize my time. From the point of view of my marks, I was an average student. My report card, for every semester, had almost all kinds of grades. In some subjects, I used get more marks than my class topper and in some, I barely managed to pass. This was a weird observation for many but this is how I am. If I don’t like doing anything, I would no do it. This is what I believe”, says Sumandeep.

He even left some better paying offers because he didn’t like the kind of work those jobs were offering. He had already set his mind to only do what he loves to do. Such kind of determination is lacking in students these days.

Job experiences after engineering?

“I started working in Samsung Research India as Software Engineer ( “, tells Sumandeep.

Presently Sumandeep is working in Capillary Technologies which is also a startup by his friend, Aneesh.


So are you planning to move abroad for further work?

“It’s not about where I stay, it has always been about my interest. Here I’m getting a lot of technical and other projects of my interest. I was in Kharagpur for almost 10 years which is actually a village. I have worked in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Noida. For me, the place has never been the matter of concern. As long as I can find interesting projects that adds to my learning, I am happy to work here in India”, Sumandeep speaks about his working interest.

The most challenging  project you have had till now?

Sumandeep explains, “While I was in Kharagpur, me and my friend Aneesh formalized the robotics club there. It wasn’t doing that good. I also consider that project as one of my biggest achievement. We conducted a lot of voluntary workshops where students enrolled to learn about robotics. There seems to be a lack of creativity and innovation in academically excellent students these days. For many, the journey of reaching in an engineering college has destroyed their creativity. So this club was the right platform to ignite that lost innovative fire in them. Now that club is doing really good. Some of its students also went ahead for FIRA, a robot soccer tournament in Korea and won the Bronze medal. So, many students who love robotics as their part-time skill or hobby enroll in the club”, says Sumandeep who was also the Student-Head of Kharagpur Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Group (KRAIG).”

Any other hobbies you invest your free time in?

“I do travel mostly by motor bike. I ride to destinations nearby, generally during weekends. Almost on every Saturday morning I get out on my bike to explore places. One of my favorite place is Hampi in Karnataka. It was the capital of Vijayanagar Kingdom and a really lovely place.”


Any future plans or ventures that you might be planning?

Sumandeep comments, “No, not really. No plans as such. I believe startup world is full of new opportunities. We develop more and more new things and it is a non-boring way of living life.”

Finally any message for our readers..

“I feel there is too much pressure on students these days. We see so many bad incidents happening because of failures or not living up to parents’ expectations. Parents have to learn that it is better to have a happy kid than having a 99% marks kid. Students should also have confidence in themselves to be able to pursue a career of their interest. In today’s time, there are many opportunities and people are actually succeeding in every field. This was not before. So never be afraid to take a risk. Explore what your hobbies and skills are and do the best in whatever you choose”, concludes Sumandeep.

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