Someone said that you can’t fall if you don’t try to climb. There’s no joy in living your whole life on the ground. Taking risks in life is important, otherwise life becomes very boring.

Today we are seeing a revolution, we are seeing more and more people coming into the entrepreneur world but this world is not that easy-going. We all have ideas; small or big but more important than having ideas is to implement them.

Today we present one such entrepreneur who always aimed of doing something of his own. He is highly skilled IT professional with more than 8 years of experience currently working on his new venture, Pik ‘n’ Ship.

Mr. Chaitanya Molli has worked all across the globe, in countries such as New Zealand, UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands, US and India. Having such a stable job and after spending 8 long years in corporate world, what took him to start something of own? Let us hear from Mr. Molli himself.


Early education and job experience

Chaitanya has studied Electrical Engineering at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) – College of Engineering. Then he worked in Wipro, then in HP and in HCL too. These are really big names in India. He is certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and Certified in Transportation and Logistics (CTL)

What took to do this freelancing thing?

He says, “While I was in college, I had all these crazy ideas about starting something of my own but I was not financially stable at that time. So first I got all the experience of working as an employee and after spending 8 years in IT, I left my job and started my own venture.”

So tell us something about Pik ‘n’ Ship

Mr. Chaitanya shares, “Pik ‘n’ Ship brings transporters and shippers on a single platform. It is a neutral venture. It is not a Transportation Service Provider (TSP), freight forwarder or broker. Shipper can post their shipping needs on Pik ‘n’ Ship website or app. Transporters (Carriers) will then see the shipment and  provide their quotation. Shipper will then accept the best quotations out of the lot. Many times, trucks go empty or half-filled on their return journeys. Instead of going empty, carriers are happy to provide discounted quote. So, its a win-win situation. Shippers may select the carrier based on feedback provided by other shipper. “


“Pik ‘n’ Ship is not involved in payment terms between shipper and carrier. So, shipper can pay carrier by cash or any other means. On top of this, we offer free services such as GPS tracking, fleet management, multiple users and permissions“, adds Mr. Molli.

How different and challenging has been this till now?

“It is definitely challenging overall. Most people don’t realize how physically and emotionally draining it is to be an entrepreneur. In such a situation, if you don’t love what you are doing, you are going to give up. You have to be passionate about your work and never lose hope. Problems would come; many unknown things would come in the way. Initially I also didn’t know many things but now after all these years of experience, I have realized that with patience and efforts, success will be attained”, speaks Chaitanya.

So while you were quitting your job, what was the atmosphere at your home?

“Yes it was a bit difficult. Folks don’t really understand our mindsets. They don’t understand technology and its power to an extent we have understood. You can’t really make others see what you are seeing. But I planned it all out, so it wasn’t that panicking. I consider myself lucky to have wonderful parents. They supported me all along, even when they can’t really understand what I’m doing”, shares Mr. Molii.


How do you handle marketing?

“Yes that is something I’m also learning. When we start a company, we don’t realize how important marketing is, especially technical people like me. When we work for a startup, we have limited resources. At that time what matters more is how much time we dedicate to use those limited ones effectively. Today, the struggle is a bit simplified by so many online platforms to promote startups. As in my business, we have to take care of both the parties – carriers and shippers. Digital marketing has helped a lot”, tells Chaitanya.

Important  lesson you have learnt till now

“I believe that until you don’t get into a thing, you can’t understand what it is like. Taking risks is important. Life is so short after all. For what I do now I think if I had the chance to do it all over again, I would try to be in my job for a little longer. I would have utilized the break time to pull off my idea. Still I don’t particularly regret what I did.”

Any future plan or vision you want to build?

“Talking about India, I really have a plan that we all can execute together. Whenever I go for conferences, I see so much of young talent. Among them, I feel a positive motivating environment around me. They can really bring some positive light into our negative world. We can resolve almost every problem through entrepreneurship. If every young mind of this highly populated nation can pick up one problem and work long for that, what a nice place it would become. In this way, we can fix each and every problem with a long-term solution because I believe we have a lot of talent hidden.”

One of your biggest challenge till now and how you tackled it?

Mr. Molli explains his greatest trouble, “My biggest challenge was an emotional one. When I started, all I had was just an idea. I was excited about it. But I didn’t know how to execute my idea. I learnt everything from scratch. Everyday, there is something new to learn. I had pivoted a lot. I redesigned my business model many times. I rewrote my code, several times. My head used to hurt, my eyes used to burn. I could not spend too much time with my wife. All this had negative effects on my family. I think the reason I survived that phase was because of my ever-ending excitement about my startup idea. The best way is – ‘Silence, smile and work‘ and work really hard. Meditation has helped me a lot during the tough time.”


The most important lesson you have learnt till now?

“One should never be negative of any decision. I think, persistence is the one quality, all achievers have in common. Nobody can tell exactly how long it is going to achieve success. Every venture is different. A good product is evolutionary, not revolutionary. So, it’s going to take some time to achieve perfection, especially, if it hasn’t been done by you before. People around you might not be able to appreciate what you are doing so you shouldn’t be disheartened. “


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