People today are so obsessed with earning loads of money and making big houses that they end up killing their dreams and true happiness. Successful is that person who has realized the true purpose of his life and strive hard to work for that. Failing and rising again to never stop is what makes the journey more memorable.

Spreading such a message and learning from his past mistakes, Mr. Pulkit Garg started as a writer for clients. Let us hear his story.

Tell us about your school life and after education?

Mr. Pulkit says, “I grew up in Faridabad, did my secondary schooling in Varanasi and took science stream in 11th. Like any other science student, I also had to go engineering but side-by-side, I was also looking for some other career options like hotel management or actuarial science. Then I went Kota for my IIT preparations. I pursued my engineering from ITM, Gurugram. That was the only college I had applied for, otherwise I would have gone for actuarial science but luckily I got into it.”

So how was your B.Tech. experience? 

“Being in ITM gave me a lot of exposure; it opened many new doors for me. In the first year itself, I usually used to be outside college, exploring new things and from 2011 I had embarked upon my entrepreneurial journey. During TEDx event, I was introduced to Phokatcopy, founded by Harsh Narang who was one of the speakers there. From there, I got the idea and started my first venture called Zero-ox, which was an improvised version of Phokatcopy. It went well for 8-10 months but due to financial issues, I had to drop that idea”,shares Mr. Garg.


So after that what was your next project?

Pulkit shares, “After 3 months, I got into homemade chocolate making business  with my sister under the banner name, Moments. We mainly served customers from Faridabad, Gurugram, and parts of Delhi. We had 200% profit by the end of 2 months. Moments was a gifting company with a vision to change the notion of gifting by introducing the concept of customization; dealt in chocolates, cakes, cards and boxes. But I had to shut down the operations because of few issues that didn’t sort out at the end.”

“I thought of doing something that could help bridge the gap between students and the industry”

“While I was in college, I thought of starting a platform where students can know how important communication skills are. I myself realized it’s importance when I used to wander from malls to malls for my first startup and for Moments; I wanted to share whatever I had learnt from my earlier experiences. Therefore, I started Prastuti, war of presentations in my college which  saw a good number of participants. We just wanted students to be more outspoken and extrovert, which  are essential for their overall development”,Pulkit shares about the importance of being confident.

“Then came Jagriti Yatra –  my real entrepreneurial journey was about to start”

Mr. Garg says, “My college life was coming to an end and my dream company, Deloitte had come to campus. I started preparing for it and left all other ideas of doing a startup. Meanwhile I had also applied for Jagriti Yatra. After my interview for Deloitte, I had mixed emotions because I got selected for Jagriti Yatra and was rejected for Deloitte. On 24th December, during its orientation, I got to know what exactly Jagriti Yatra is. Then yatra started and it turned out to be a life changing experience. Among the role models, mine was Joe Mathiad. He taught me the importance of consistency in the startup world. I realized that till now whenever any obstacle came my way,  I avoided it. This made me giving up my ideas every time. The highest point was getting featured in my university’s monthly newsletter and 7 national newspapers as well. All those failed ventures, after all, found their first step of success. ”


Content writing became my passion and that was how Edgy Scribblers came into way.

“Since my first year in college, I had started writing  one or two articles per day. Initially they were for my clients; topics varied from hotel industry and medical industry to travel industry. After Jagriti Yatra, I ended up writing 10-12 articles per day. Luckily after that Yatra only, I got selected in Fidelity International. Things were happening at last moment,  so I wasn’t that confident for it but it seems like things were falling in place for me. Contrary to it,  I was looking  for a platform where I could interact with clients and work on my marketing skills but this job was all about coding. I had hard time adjusting there. Though things were going smooth for me but I wasn’t getting what I actually wanted. After 8 months, I decided to quit and stated doing content writing full-time. I also got connected with 2 friends from college who were in marketing”, Pulkit tells about his current work.

Tell me how difficult was it for you to quit your job?

“When I was in Fidelity International only, I had started making clients from across the globe. That work also gave me the confidence to quit my job. My parents were worried about leaving a secured job but I convinced them for it.”


So how was the journey after leaving your job?  What other things you started?

Pulkit shares, “I started attending many startup events and Jagriti Yatra team was always there to support me. That was when my exact entrepreneurial journey started. I only explored startup communities. I started my own blog to share my experiences with my friends and family. ‘Personifying Imaginations’ is my own blog, a dream that was under development for last three years and finally, it took shape. A writer by profession, a poet by heart, a leader with vision, and striving towards making the organisation better every day. We also work for clients, for which I have a team of content writers. I have transitioned from being a content writer to a project manager now, dealing with tasks like client management, project execution, and strategy development.”

You entered and explored so many new things, so what is the most important lesson you have learnt till now?

“I have learnt that quitting is never an option. One should not give up on his ideas and hard work. To get good work,  you have to take care of your team, make sure they are motivated and should also be self motivated.  Never lose confidence in yourself. Time would come when your family would not support you but never let yourself down. The other crucial thing to remember  is that you can lie to everyone but you can’t lie to yourself. Be honest to yourself, to your work and be patient. Consistency is the key in this entrepreneurial world”, Pulkit shares his learning.

Any future plan for your venture?

“Along with Edgy Scribblers, I am planning  to start my second venture for which I had started doing ground research, taking surveys and meeting people since my final year of graduation. When I got to know that my mentors decided to support me and would be funding for ‘The Aanya’,  that was not less than any big achievement for me. That happy day was my previous birthday”, tells Mr. Garg.

What in your life would you consider as your hardest time?

“Surviving the days of demotivation were even harder than passing the days with low bank balance. The hardest moments are when everything is going against you, and you have to stand there as firm as a wall. At times, you walk so far that in order to achieve your goals, you are disconnected from your friends and family.”


Message for our readers

“Before getting into The Aanya, I didn’t have any knowledge and experience for whatever venture I started. So it is important to realize that before starting any business, you have to do research and know the most about it. Else you would end up realizing its drawbacks with no solutions planned. So prior planning and looking through its flaws is important”,concludes Mr. Pulkit.

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