“Age never sets a limit to your dreams; it is merely a number.” We all have heard this saying but do we all really believe in it? Some of you might believe it and some might not. So to make this saying undoubtedly correct for you, we present to Mrs. Shagun Mohan, the best of all inspirations you can ever have.

She is a mother of two kids and after the commencement of her motherhood period, she started pursuing her real dream. We all know how difficult it is for our moms to work both, at homes and at their jobs. Bringing forth the story of one such mother, we hope you realize how important it is to follow your dreams even when no one stands in support of you.

Tell us about yourself, your schooling and after education?

Mrs. Shagun says, “I did my schooling from Allahabad that is my home city. Then I went to Mathura for engineering. Because of my strict family, I got married in the last year of my engineering. Then we shifted to Gurgaon where I worked in a school for 2 years. After my first baby, I thought of doing something for myself. I had interest in dancing from my school days but due to family circumstances, I could not continue with that. So that was my final chance to do something I loved; I went forward for many dance auditions such as India’s Dancing Superstar (Star Plus) and Dancing Moms (Zee TV) but both of these auditions ended with same results. I got eliminated after some rounds of competition because I wasn’t a trained dancer. ”


So did you opt to dance after that?

“Yes, after that only I started to learn dance. I have been trained in Jazz, Bharatanatyam and Zumba. After that I even became Assistant Trainer at a dancing academy. Now it has been 3 years training myself to dance and others too. I have been teaching Zumba to doctors as an exercise to remain fit and to people in many society club houses. So I believe that I am much happier than I could ever be if I had continued working in corporate world. I am enjoying what I am doing and I am also taking care of my kids which would have been a major trouble in a 9 AM to 5 PM job”,tells Shagun who considers herself lucky for coming back to her dream work after all.

Any other fields of interest you had earlier?

“I also loved doing sketching in school days. I actually wanted to go into architect line after 12th but again family wanted a more secured future for me. At every stage in my life, I did what others wanted me to do and after giving them all that, when it was finally my time; I chose to find my lost self. Obviously I never wanted to leave my child in any take care center so in terms of that too, I consider my choice of dancing as a very benefiting decision for myself because I can take my child wherever I go”,shares Shagun.

Any person that has influenced you during your dance training?

Shagun, who is 33 right now, considers her first trainer as one of her biggest inspiration to work harder for her dancing career. She says, “By the age of 30, my body had become very stiff. There was a huge understanding difference between me and my instructor who was only 25 at that time. Also the mentality of people around me wasn’t that positive for me because I was a bit out of league there. All that negative aura created around me by my instructor and people kind of pushed me a lot to prove them all wrong.”

“Apart from him”,she says, “there was another instructor who was really supportive. He always encouraged me for dancing. My husband has also supported me during my dance training.” Shagun has also done many dance shows but had to leave them eventually because of night shifts.


Which dance form you choose eventually and why?

“I loved doing all the dance forms – Zumba, Bharatnatyam and Jazz but eventually I wanted to choose one through which I could earn too. So I chose Zumba because today, kids, adults, everybody is more inclined towards western dancing; even more than our own classical dance form. Also Zumba is much easier and fun to learn.”

What do you consider as your happiest moment or biggest achievement till now?

“I believe that at this age, I have come so far after so much of struggle, so that is my biggest achievement. Like any other mother, I too have to look after my family, my house and also give at least 4 hours to my dancing. Other than the daily stress with which I struggle, I remember that when I had just started with dance training at DanceWorx, I was given the last row corner position for a show performance but eventually when other instructors saw me growing well and dancing better, I was given the center position for the show. I had a 15-20 seconds solo performance and every body praised me for that. So that was my happiest moment.”


So what are your future plans now?

“I just had my second baby in February so right now, I am at a break. I would definitely start my fitness classes again. I love spreading the joy of dancing with everyone and especially with housewives. I have realized that working women now-a-days do give importance and time to their health but majority of housewives don’t. So I want to create awareness about being fit and healthy in them too.”

Finally any message for our readers.

“Today also, many people believe that there is a secure future in academic fields only which I believe is not a right thinking. Eventually people end up tutoring this to their kids too. What I would suggest is that you should pursue something you feel confident about, you feel happy doing it and even if you end up earning less money, what you would earn for lifetime is happiness and peace of mind”,concludes Mrs. Shagun.